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1 in 3 employees report
financial planning issues as a
distraction at work

  • 46% spend 4+ hours dealing with personal finances in the workplace per week
  • Over 50% have said that their financial stress has increased in the last 12 months
  • Over 64% millennials are stressed about their finances

Financial stress is leading cause of health concerns, loss of productivity,
unplanned absences and greater distractions.


Of employees say it's likely they'll need to use money held in retirement plans for expenses other
than retirement. The number is even higher among employees who are stressed about their finances or
impacted by student loans.

Which one to choose?   Which one to not to choose?

Life Insurance

Mutual Funds

General Insurance

And many investment companies...
Are you confused?   Are you making right choice?

We will help you receive unbaised financial consulting to go for the right option that will give you financial security with higher returns.

Gift your employees the joy of financial security

with our uniquely devised financial planning system. Help them make the right choices.

Our financial planning system is effective in stabilizing the financial condition of your employees.


Increased Productivity

Reduced Absences

Better concentration at work

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