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Robo Advisory

We understand that the financial planning needs of people differs largely based on individual situations and personal objectives. Unlike the stereotyped approach used by other companies, MyWealthJunction’s comprehensive financial planning service is designed to cater to each individual’s unique needs, offering customized solutions with detailed action steps and recommendations. Our sole aim is to enable you to make smart decisions with your money, help you embrace financial stability for life.
With a rich experience in the field since 2010 and have acquired over 2000 happy customers, we are well-versed in the market conditions and options available. Our clients trust us for receiving professional and unbiased advice that will help them achieve their short and long-term financial goals with ease.


Investment Planning

Our second service in line is as vital as financial planning. Investment Planning is crucial to accomplishing your financial goals where about 95% of your long-term goals are dependent on structuring your finances the right way. The team of experts at MyWealthJunction will help you build a strong financial plan to meet your goals on time with thoughtful investment planning. Our foremost recommendation to our clients is to plan their investments as early as it can be for it facilitates the achievement of long-term goals with better returns.
To understand you better, we take a comprehensive portfolio review that helps us know that the structure of your portfolio conveniently complements both your long and short-term financial objectives. This evaluation identifies potential financial risk, hidden cost and irrelevant liabilities are disguised in the form of assets.
Investing for retirement: Similar to long-term investing, retirement investment is a must, else are you prepared to live a life of financial uncertainty when you reach senility?


Tax Filing

We are skilled in tax return preparation and tax planning for our clients. We specialize in resolving tax issues and offering comprehensive tax advice to our clients, including tax problem resolution, tax planning and return preparation. On one hand we solve the issues for you, and on the other hand, we sit down with our clients and work with them to maximize their tax returns and cash flow. We typically gain insight into each client's financial goals and unique situations, and provide advice on tax planning and tax preparation accordingly.



Our life is uncertain and most of us do not give the due importance to something as important as writing the Will. If we assume that we have a lot of time, we are wrong. Thinking about what will happen to our personal possessions after our death is dreadful. Take some time out of your life and do the needful – for your loved.
No more running behind the lawyers and shedding handsome amounts on writing a will. We bring you the E-will, the most advanced way of putting down your wishes for the security of your family members. E-will or electronic will is an easy addition to your life, for now, you don’t have to worry about misplacing or damaging your will documents again. It is easy, safe and secured. And economical too.


Document Locker

Now store all your valuable documents under one roof in a digital format, thereby eliminating the use and loss of physical documents. We offer a dedicated cloud storage space linked to your verification Ids.  Be it your driving license, car registration, voter ID, PAN card, Aadhaar Card, School and College Certificates or any other documents, it will now be duly accepted in digital form. Now go paperless securely save the documents and have them verified by the concerned departments.